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Improve with comprehensive
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We support businesses of all sizes.

We are cyber security experts, committed to helping businesses protect their technology, information and people.

Penetration Testing

Providing visibility and understanding of the vulnerabilities in your IT systems and networks.

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Application Security

Improve the security of your web and mobile applications to protect against cyber threats.

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Managed Services

Understand, monitor and improve your security posture.

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Configuration Review

Securing your systems and devices to a high standard.

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Code Review

Securing your coding practices to gain extra assurance of your applications.

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Cloud Security

Protecting your business-critical assets stored in the cloud.


The average cost of a cyber security breach in 2020.


The percentage of businesses to report cyber attacks in 2020.


The average time taken to detect a breach in 2020.

Our Mission

We believe that cyber security should be straightforward, affordable and tailored to the needs of our clients. We take pride in our ability to ensure that our products and services are:


We believe that security services should be accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. We achieve this by offering competitive rates, and providing options in our proposals to strike a balance between assurance requirements and budget.


We work tirelessly to provide technical excellence and leading customer service. We achieve this by continually training our technical consultants, following a comprehensive scoping process, and subjecting our reports to a meticulous peer review.


We work diligently to achieve industry best practices, using widely accepted methodologies and testing frameworks to ensure consistency in our approach. This means our services can be trusted to provide quality results and valuable assurance.

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