What is CREST and what are the benefits of using a CREST accredited company?

What is crest and how does it benefit you?

May 10th 2021

We’re delighted to announce that Sentrium Security is now a CREST accredited company! This is an exciting achievement for us and it’s great to be recognised by the industry as a leading information security service provider.

This is another great achievement for Sentrium following our award wins at the Cyber Security Excellence Awards 2021, where we won Best Cyber Security Company and Best Cyber Security Start Up (Europe, 1-9 employees).

Adam King, Director at Sentrium, says: “Our recognition as a CREST-Approved Penetration Testing provider is a fantastic milestone for Sentrium and demonstrates our expertise in the field of cyber security consultancy. The CREST accreditation scheme sets a very high standard of quality and professionalism, and we’re very proud to announce that our services meet this standard.

When looking for a cyber security consultancy, it’s crucial that you’re confident in the skills and knowledge of your provider. Choosing a CREST-approved company provides assurance that their cyber security services are of the highest quality and technical standards.

What is CREST?

CREST is an international not-for-profit accreditation and certification body that represents and supports the technical information security market.

CREST provides internationally recognised accreditations for organisations providing penetration testing, STAR, cyber incident response, threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment services and Security Operations Centre (SOC) services.

Companies can choose to become a CREST member company and apply for CREST accredited services. The application requires a rigorous assessment of companies’ processes, data security and service methodologies to ensure they’re to a best practice standard. 

What does it mean to be a CREST accredited company?

The CREST accreditation provides distinction for the industry’s leading security professionals. Acquiring a CREST accreditation is no easy feat! It takes a lot of commitment and hard work to pass the rigorous assessment process.

Becoming a CREST-approved company provides many benefits. Through our application process, we gained a thorough assessment of our security testing methodologies to make sure we deliver best practice testing and analysis.

With this accreditation, our clients can be even more confident in the standard of service that we provide. The assessment process is based on industry frameworks that ensure we’re up to date with the latest methodologies and processes to deliver advanced cyber security services to our clients.

The accreditation is internationally recognised meaning we sit alongside other companies around the world that deliver exceptional value for clients. With this accreditation, we have access to industry leading guidance, research and standards to further enhance our knowledge and skills.

What are the benefits of using a CREST accredited company?

Working with a CREST-approved company like Sentrium means you’re in safe and experienced hands; working with highly skilled and recognised security professionals. Your testing will be carried out by a team that has the highest standard of skills and experience.

You can gain assurance that we have the appropriate policies, processes and procedures to conduct cyber security services and protect your information. You can gain peace of mind that our support is the best in the industry.

Achieving this accreditation shows our commitment to learning and improving our knowledge and skills to ensure we provide the most value. Our cyber security professionals work to industry benchmarks and have undergone an in-depth application process for added assurance.

The policies, processes and procedures that we submitted have been assessed by CREST and have been regarded as best practice include:

  • Certified individuals
  • Language capability
  • Assignment preparation and scope
  • Assignment execution
  • Technical methodology
  • Tools and resources
  • Event analysis and response
  • Data storage and transmission controls
  • Information sharing
  • Reporting
  • Deliverables
  • Post technical delivery
  • Asset, information, and document storage, retention and destruction

Ultimately, choosing an organisation with a CREST accreditation provides assurance for your business when looking for a cyber security consultancy. You can trust that a CREST-approved organisation provides quality services and has the technical expertise to sufficiently support your company.

We’re extremely proud of our achievement and are committed to providing you with best practice web application testing, penetration testing and cyber security services.

Want to find out more about Sentrium Security? Contact us to learn more.

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