The rarest donation you will ever receive!

Sentrium Security wants to donate our cyber security services to your charity. This is a brilliant opportunity for us to work closely with your charity to protect your technology, information and people.

We are cyber security experts passionate about helping organisations like yours. We get to know your challenges when it comes to cyber security and develop a solution that supports your needs.

Why we want to support you

Your charity carries out amazing work that supports the lives of so many people. You should be confident that your systems and technology are protected from loss of access, stolen funds or data breach.

To give back, we’d like to donate our services, time and skills to support your charity. Our support will make sure your sensitive information and data are protected from cyber threats so you can continue to provide your vital services.

Working together, we’ll decide which of our cyber security services best support your charity and protect the great work you carry out.


How we can support you

Penetration Testing

Providing visibility and understanding of the vulnerabilities in your IT systems and networks.

Application Security

Improving the security of your web and mobile applications to protect against cyber threats.


Protecting your business-critical assets stored in the cloud.

Configuration Review

Securing your systems and devices to a high standard.


Securing your coding practices to gain extra assurance of your applications.

Managed Services

Understanding, monitoring and improving your security posture.


Please get in touch

If you’re interested in our cyber security donation, please get in touch with us.


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