Securing personal and financial data from insider and outsider threats.

Cyber security in finance

Finance is a highly-targeted industry for cyber crime, with malicious actors seeking to compromise vulnerabilities in your systems and processes. Criminals want to gain access to your valuable data including customer and employee Personally Identifiable Information (PII), market information and financial assets.

Highly-connected applications and systems that process vast amounts of sensitive data create significant opportunities for exploitation. As well as phishing, insider threats from removable media, human error and purposeful attacks stress the diverse threat landscape the financial sector faces.

Improving financial cyber security has never been more important for the sector. Cyber security must be driven from the top down to identify vulnerabilities in your technology, systems and personnel. You should implement appropriate security measures to prevent data breach and loss caused by cyber attacks.


Key cyber security practices for finance

Protect customers’ card data, account information and PII

Protect financial data and money held by the institution

Have controls in place to detect and respond to data breaches

Maintain the security of IT assets and personnel.

How Sentrium can support you

Sentrium is committed to providing you with a tailored solution to address your financial cyber security challenges. We design your assessment based on the size and complexity of your systems, data and assets; providing you with an optimal solution that is both efficient and comprehensive.

Penetration Testing

The penetration testing process identifies vulnerabilities in your IT security enabling your institution to address weaknesses and lower your risk profile. The process will help you mitigate risks, ultimately protecting your assets and sensitive financial information, customers and brand reputation. You need a stable and robust infrastructure to enable the continuity of your financial operations.

The benefits of penetration testing:

Provides the information necessary to understand the cyber threats affecting your systems and networks.

Helps to facilitate well-informed decisions throughout implementation, maintenance and future expansion.

Keeps you up to date with the threat landscape which provides crucial information to support your security strategy.

With your actionable remediation advice, you can adopt a holistic view of your cyber security posture to ensure you can make long-term fixes that mitigate risks.

Application Security Testing


We provide application security testing for mobile and web applications as part of the development lifecycle. We use industry-standard methodologies to assess the security controls and configuration of your applications to ensure they adequately protect sensitive customer information and financial data.

We can provide application testing for both in-house and third-party developed applications to ensure your financial security needs are met. Our Threat Modelling service defines the potential threats and weaknesses within the design of your application enabling you to plan effective security controls where possible risks are clearly documented.


Phishing Security


Protecting your financial institution from phishing attacks requires training and a positive security culture. Your employees must be able to identify attempts and understand the risks of sharing sensitive information online. Regular simulations should be performed to maintain awareness and identify additional training requirements.

We simulate phishing attacks and provide detailed metrics to aid your institution in building resilience against this threat. Our simulations can be tailored in terms of the frequency, targets and content of the phishing attacks; becoming more sophisticated as your institution improves with training and practice.


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