Protecting your organisation’s technology from cyber threats.

Cyber security in technology

Cyber security for the technology industry may seem intuitive. The speed at which the industry moves means your business must regularly assess your security controls to keep up with advancing technology and cyber threats.

Protecting your organisation’s intellectual property is paramount. You should have confidence that your business-critical information is secure from cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Users rely on your business to protect the technology they use and the sensitive data they share. Conducting cloud security testing, code reviews, and build and configuration reviews ensures you can implement effective security measures and comply with data regulations.


Key cyber security practices for technology

Processing and protecting sensitive user data

Combining usability and accessibility with cyber security

Protecting your intellectual property and internal security

Preventing insecure coding practices

Complying with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

How Sentrium can support you

Sentrium is committed to providing you with a tailored cyber security solution to address your technology challenges. We design your assessment based on the size and complexity of your needs, giving you an optimal solution that is both efficient and comprehensive.

Cloud Security

Our cloud security testing focuses on the design and configuration of resources, services and object policies. We identify weaknesses that may expose access or your users’ sensitive information to untrusted parties.

Our cloud-based testing solutions offer assurance for your business to ensure that your user and business data held on cloud systems are protected. We can provide recurring cloud security services with regular audits as well as one-time assessments.


Code Review


With an in-depth code review, security vulnerabilities can be identified where typical application testing fails to do so. It ensures that any problematic code is discovered, providing you with deep insight into security issues that affect your application.

The code review exercise can be performed at any stage in your organisation’s software development lifecycle. The process ensures the use of secure coding practices to achieve comprehensive assurance of your application’s security.


Build And Configuration Review


Build and configuration reviews will ensure your organisation’s systems and devices are secure. They discover potential threats and weaknesses that may ultimately impact your business operations. We provide build and configuration reviews for a multitude of systems including desktops, mobiles, laptops, servers, and network devices (such as firewalls).

Build and configuration reviews are highly recommended for gold-build images to ensure systems are deployed in line with best practice. They are also useful for production systems to ensure the security and integrity of data within your live environment.


Think your technology could benefit from a security assessment?

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