Application security testing

Improve the security of your web and mobile applications to protect against cyber threats.

What is application security testing?

Application security testing assesses your applications to find weaknesses that may be targeted by a malicious user, such as those that could result in a breach of sensitive information.

The techniques employed by our security specialists ensure deep coverage of even the most complex vulnerabilities. We use our advanced understanding of application security and malicious techniques to provide your organisation with the confidence that your applications and data are protected.


Why your business needs application security testing

Your organisation relies on applications to provide operational support to your business, and services to your customers and users. Applications store large quantities of sensitive data and a security breach can seriously impact business operations.

Application security testing highlights weaknesses that may have been overlooked during design and development. It informs your future security strategy to ensure your key areas of concern are prioritised.

How Sentrium can support you

Sentrium is committed to providing you with a tailored cyber security solution to address your challenges. We design your assessment based on the size and complexity of your application, giving you an optimal solution that is both efficient and comprehensive.

We provide application security testing for mobile and web applications and application Threat Modelling as part of the routine development lifecycle. We can provide application testing for both in-house and third-party developed applications to ensure your security needs are met.


Mobile Application Testing

Using industry-standard methodologies, we assess the security controls built in to your mobile applications to ensure they adequately protect sensitive information.


Web Application Testing

We assess the configuration of web applications and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to ensure appropriate security measures are enforced and secure development practices have been followed.



We define the potential threats and weaknesses within the design of your application. This process facilitates the secure development of your application, enabling you to plan effective security controls where possible risks are clearly documented.

Understanding the threat landscape of your applications enables you to find the balance between security, user experience and performance.

Think your business could benefit from application security testing?

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