Cloud security

Protecting your business-critical assets stored in the cloud.

What is cloud security testing?

Cloud services are the preferred solution for environments where efficiency, reliability and scalability are the top priorities. If your organisation is using or is considering using cloud-hosted services, you must have adequate cloud security controls in place.

Cloud security testing focuses on the design and configuration of resources, services and object policies to identify weaknesses that may expose access or sensitive information to untrusted parties.


Why your business needs cloud security

Major cloud platforms provide highly configurable security controls to enable granular customisation of an environment. This creates additional complexity in the design and maintenance of a cloud environment. Security testing is essential to ensure that configurations are applied in line with best practice.

How Sentrium can support you

Your organisation’s use of cloud infrastructure is unique. Sentrium is committed to providing you with a tailored cyber security solution to address your challenges. We design your cloud security solution based on the size and complexity of your cloud environment.

Our security specialists have an intricate understanding of major cloud platforms including:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Rackspace Managed Cloud.

Our cloud-based testing solutions offer cost-effective assurance for your business to ensure that your data held on cloud systems is protected. We can provide recurring cloud security services with regular audits as well as one-time assessments.

Think your business could benefit from a security assessment of your cloud environment?

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