Code review

Securing your coding practices to gain extra assurance of your applications.

What is a code review?

Secure code review is a thorough and meticulous assessment of a new or existing application. Code reviews can assess mobile applications (including iOS and Android), web applications, and thick clients.

A code review offers the greatest level of assurance for an application. It provides a unique vantage point to assess an application’s underlying logic, storage, encryption, access controls and use of safe functions that are not visible from the perspective of a dynamic application test.


Why your business needs a code review

With an in-depth code review, security vulnerabilities can be identified where typical application testing fails to do so. It ensures that any problematic code is discovered, providing you with deep insight into security issues that affect your application.

The code review exercise can be performed at any stage in your organisation’s software development lifecycle. The process ensures the use of secure coding practices to achieve comprehensive assurance of your application’s security. We recommend that a code review is performed in the early stages of development, which ensures that your application has a strong security foundation.

How Sentrium can support you

Sentrium is committed to providing you with a tailored cyber security service to address your challenges. We design your code review based on the technologies you are using and the size of your code-base, giving you an optimal solution that is both efficient and comprehensive.

Our experts review your code in-depth to assess whether the code leads to any vulnerabilities that affect the security of your applications. We ensure your code is written in line with security best practices so you can maintain compliance with regulations. As a result, your developers can deliver high-quality code with the confidence that your applications are protected.

How Sentrium can support you

Our code review service provides an independent analysis of your applications to help identify problem areas that you can remediate to create secure and reliable applications.

Think your business could benefit from a code review?

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