Managed Services

Understand, monitor and improve your security posture.

Holistic approach to security controls

Working with expert cyber security specialists is a cost-effective solution to your organisation’s security challenges. You gain visibility into your IT environment and the issues that are present throughout the technology lifecycle. Sentrium provides ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of your security investment.

Your organisation can have the confidence that your security is in line with best practices and compliant with regulatory requirements. Our extensive experience ensures we use the latest knowledge and methods to protect your organisation from emerging threats.


Infrastructure scanning

The importance of routine security maintenance on your business infrastructure has never been more significant. Our cost-efficient, high-frequency scanning service helps you keep on top of common misconfigurations, outdated patches and newly discovered vulnerabilities.

With our infrastructure scanning service, you will receive regular reports that document the vulnerabilities affecting your network, enabling you to monitor and maintain secure systems on an ongoing basis.

Cloud scanning

Insecure configuration of cloud resources can expose data held on your systems to untrusted networks. As a result, the security of your cloud environment should be considered a top priority.

Our cloud audits are designed to identify common misconfigurations, such as weak encryption, poorly configured IAM and insecure network objects. As cloud environments are highly dynamic, regular auditing helps to maintain a strong security posture by identifying issues as they arise.

Our security specialists have an intricate understanding of major cloud platforms including:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Rackspace Managed Cloud.

Phishing security

Protecting your business from phishing attacks requires training and a positive security culture. Your employees must be able to identify attempts and understand the risks of sharing sensitive information online. Regular simulations should be performed to maintain awareness and identify additional training requirements.

We simulate phishing attacks and provide detailed metrics to aid your business in building resilience against this threat. Our simulations can be tailored in terms of the frequency, targets and content, becoming more sophisticated as your business improves with training and practice.

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